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This page contains Honda part numbers and item descriptions.

Integra Part Numbers
Suspension parts
Integra Type-R Rear Sway Bar (22mm diameter) 52300-ST7-Z01
Integra GS-R Front Sway Bar (24mm diameter) 51300-ST7-003
Integra GS-R Front Sway Bar Endlink 51320-ST7-003
Integra GS-R Front Sway Bar Endlink (bushing bracket?) 51312-SR3-000
Integra GS-R Front Sway Bar Endlink (bushing?) 90362-SF1-003
Engine/Transmission parts
Washer - engine oil pan 94109-14000
Washer - manual transmission drain plug 94109-20000
Exterior parts
Light assembly, front bumper turn signal, Left 33351-ST7-A01
Clip, front bumper/splash shield 91516-SK7-013
Grommet, bumper side 71144-SR3-A00
Horn 38100-SR3-901
Windshield parts
Windshield wiper refill 38472-SB2-305
Windshield wiper refill 76622-SR3-305
Windshield Molding, Left 73162-ST7-003
Clip for windshield molding - yellow retainer 91511-SR2-004
Clip for windshield molding - orange retainer 91511-SR3-003
Clip for windshield molding - red (4 used on each side) 91520-SR3-003
Clip for windshield molding - blue 91541-ST7-003
Clip for windshield molding - black 91519-SR2-003
Clip for windshield molding - green 91519-SR3-003
Clip for windshield molding - white 91541-SR2-003
Interior parts
Clip - rear seat retainer 78182-SA0-000
Clip - used in rear trunk panel (push center in to release) 91505-ST7-003
Door parts
Vapor seal, door, Left 72361-ST7-A00
Vapor seal, door, Right 72321-ST7-000
Door Molding, Left, unpainted black 75322-ST7-A01
Clip, door panel 91560-SP0-003
Clip, exterior window molding 91523-ST7-003

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