Honda Car-Related Articles
January 1989  Honda revives turbo 
January 1989  Variable valve timing and lift from Honda 
June 1989  New midship-engine sports car adopts all aluminum chassis-body construction 
August 1989  New valve technology from Honda
September 1993  Honda's race-bred connecting rod bearing 
September 1993  Honda/Acura Integra shares platform with Civic 
June 1995  NSX update 
December 1995  Integra R 
January 1996  Honda's Siamese-quadruplet cylinder liner casting 
September 1996  Honda Direct Yaw Control, variable torque-split system for front- and all-wheel-drive vehicles 
March 1997 Honda Prelude 
June 1997  Honda/Acura NSX story is updated 
October 1997  New chassis technology in the Japanese Accord 
June 1998 Honda J-mover 
November 1998  Honda's (European) Accord 
December 1998  Honda Integrated Motor Assist 
December 1998  Honda Euro Accord 
January 1999  Honda S2000 
March 2000  New powertrain technology 
June 2001  Civic, Stream share Honda compact platform 
December 2001  2001 Tokyo Motor Show 
April 2002  Power by Honda 

Honda Motorcycle- and Boat-Related Articles
February 1989  Lightweight motorcycle adopts diecast aluminum frame 
January 1997  Honda readies Activated Radical Combustion two-stroke engine for production motorcycle 
May 1998  Honda's 1998 motorcycle models 
February 1999  Sea-going Accord 
June 2000  Motorcycle incorporates airbag system 
February 2002  Honda four-stroke motocross engine 

Non-Honda Articles
January 1996  Mazda's side-intake, side-exhaust rotary engine prototype 
September 1996  Mitsubishi combines active yaw control and active stability control 
July 1998  F200 and F300: Study models for vehicle control and dynamics 
January 2002  Mayflower's variable engine technology 

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